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Gaurav Deshpande, the owner and Founder of Travelfreak Vacations has travelled to over 25 countries and explored them on his own. He has mastered the destinations that will help you to see some exotic offbeat locations that are just known to the locals. We have an excellent network of local experts throughout the world, and will take care of all your touring needs - from planning to logistics to creating everlasting memories!

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Mutalik family
Mutalik family

In the month of July 2019, we had our temple tour with Gaurav's Travelfreak Vacations. It was a fantastic experience! Not only it gave us divine feel and proximity with nature but also something different, distinguished and hatke!! We were very well taken care by our group leader with timely information and other necessities. As a special mention, we like to share that we could get the feel of the local social life and environment of the place, peculiar traditions and of course food.

Mutalik family
Guest from Pune, India

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